What Are The Real Parenting Problems?

I got home tonight and found myself quickly getting sucked into the parenting debates. Co-sleeping versus crib sleeping. Crying it out versus not crying it out. Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. Working moms versus stay at home moms. Feminist parenting versus non-feminist parenting. The list goes on and on. We argue about so many different things. … Read more

Kindergarten Tantrum Results in Handcuffs

Have you seen the headlines? All those saying that this 6 year old girl in kindergarten threw a tantrum and got arrested? Well, I did. At first when I saw the news, I was appalled and thinking, “WTF? Who puts a 6 year old in handcuffs for a temper tantrum?” But then I read further … Read more

I’m so Green I Eat My Own Placenta

People always ask me why I spend so much time ragging on celebrity moms. I can’t help it. They just provide SO much ridiculous material. If you have a weak stomach, you may want avoid reading this post. So, if you haven’t heard the story, January Jones has admitted quite proudly that she eats her … Read more

How Do You Help A Depressed Teenager?

Yesterday I promised to come back and talk about helping teenagers cope with depression. Here I go. At one point in my training, I spent an entire year working on a child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit. It’s not real easy to get institutionalized these days. I say this to point out that in order … Read more

My Sweet Boy

This morning’s preschool drop off was pretty typical. Once he had pulled into the alleyway and were waiting our turn to move forward, Gus jumped out of his car seat and into the passenger seat. I think the fact that he gets to see in the passenger seat for drop off is one of his … Read more

Guess Who Is Sleeping Alone Again Tonight?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to let you all know that last night’s experiment in sleeping in separate beds went great! I got an uninterrupted night of sleep and woke up this morning feeling rested. It was glorious. I’m about to get ready for night number 2. I have to admit that this isn’t … Read more

Stop Lying To Me

Motherhood is filled with lies. Lies others tell you and lies you tell yourself. Sometimes you know you are lying. Sometimes you don’t. It’s the same when others are lying to you. Sometimes you know you are being lied to whereas other times you don’t. As time goes on, you begin to become adept at … Read more

Are We Over Diagnosing Our Children?

I guess you are beginning to arrive as a blogger when you start getting hate mail, right? At least that’s what I tell myself whenever I get a nasty email. Hey- I’m being noticed! Today I got an angry email blasting me for being a psychologist and describing how we damage children by diagnosing them. … Read more