What Are The Real Parenting Problems?

I got home tonight and found myself quickly getting sucked into the parenting debates. Co-sleeping versus crib sleeping. Crying it out versus not crying it out. Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. Working moms versus stay at home moms. Feminist parenting versus non-feminist parenting. The list goes on and on. We argue about so many different things.

And then I step back and remember.

These are high quality problems. We have really high class problems.

I do therapy with children. This means I’ve worked with kids who have horrible childhoods. Kids who were kept in cages and fed dog food. Little girls who were sold for money to buy drugs. Toddlers who were homeless and those who only eat cheese pizza because it was all their 14 year old brother could steal successfully. Teenagers raped on a nightly basis by those they were supposed to trust and others who society has already written off as damaged before they even turned 16.

These are real parenting problems. I needed to remember this tonight.

We have it so good, my friends. We really do.

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