Have You Seen the Time Magazine Cover?

Have you seen this photo yet?

If you haven’t, you will. It’s going to be EVERYWHERE for awhile. I mean how could it possibly not be?

It’s on the front page of Time Magazine and the featured articles are all about attachment parenting. I didn’t see the cover first. I started reading through the articles (side note: I’m going to address some of these tomorrow) and somehow read them backwards so I ended up at the feature story last. Which means this pic came at the end of my reading. I burst out laughing. I just couldn’t help myself.

Yancy happened to be home at the time and I showed him the picture.

“Man, how old is that kid?” He asked. And next. “Whoa.”

I set out on a mission to find out how old he is. And not because I wanted to engage in a lengthy debate about how long women should breastfeed and when breastfeeding goes on to long, but because Yancy brought up some really great points about the pic like, “I hope that’s her kid. That has to be her kid, right?”

Everything that I’ve read says he is three years old. If he is three that is the biggest three year old I have ever seen in my life! I have a three year old who is huge. Off the growth charts usually and he is not that big.

Who is this kid? And who is this woman? I hope it’s his mother. God, I hope it’s his mother. Because if it’s not his mother than some young kid was pictured and plastered all over the media suckling a blond woman’s breast. Â It’s got to be her kid, right?

But then let’s just say it is her kid. Really? I mean what model mother (and she is clearly a model) would say alright, let’s do this picture. It’s clearly provocative which we all know is the point, but still…

And if women who choose extended breastfeeding don’t already have enough to contend with then we pile this on top of their plight? Here’s the other thing. I also know tons of AP parents. And even though many of them breast fed for a considerable period of time, I don’t know a single one who breast fed until after age 3.

Last piece of my rant and then I am finished until tomorrow. Do we really need another sexualized picture of breastfeeding? Really? Who nurses this way? Are we ever going to be able to separate breastfeeding from sexual connotations?

It can’t be real. It’s got to be photoshopped, right? What do you think? Please tell me it’s Photoshop…

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