Can You Guess Which “Autism Expert” Is Posing For Playboy?

So, which “autism expert” is posing for Playboy?

No, it’s not me. But if Playboy ever does a “barely an A after breastfeeding and only mom without a boob job in L.A” issue, I’m the first one on the list.

Surprise: It’s Jenny McCarthy! She’s going to be turning 40 soon so for her birthday she decided to give a gift to all men by getting naked and proving she’s still got it. I don’t have a problem with Playboy. Or porn. Remember, I did just buy 50 Shades. But, I’m sure it won’t come as a suprise to any of you that I do have a bit of a problem with Jenny McCarthy.

Besides the doctor who lost his medical license, Jenny McCarthy is one of the leaders in the perpetuation of the whole autism/vaccination myth. She was once notorious for her loud belching and farting on MTV, but is now famous for claiming her child got autism from being vaccinated and has been cured. However, as anyone in the medical community will tell you, there isn’t a cure for autism and you can’t get it from vaccinations. There’s lots of treatment options. You can get better and you can show improvements, but we are still looking for the cure as well as all of the complex variables that contribute to its cause.

Jenny McCarthy is to autism as Magic Johnson is to HIV. Both demonstrate what happens when extremely wealthy individuals are diagnosed with a devastating illness. Jenny McCarthy has access to resources and support that plain-folk could never dream of having. Her son has had the luxury to be treated with every type of traditional and non-traditional therapy available. Her resources are inexhaustible. I can’t help but be slightly angered at how misleading it is to other parents and the amount of false hope she helps to instill.

I’m sorry if I am a bit cautious to endorse McCarthy’s views on autism. She’s never had any real fame or fortune until her son developed autism from vaccinations and was cured. To me, it has always seemed like a smart business maneuver. She’s had more media appearances and publicity on the autism platform than she did for anything other venue so I can’t help but be a bit skeptical.

It seems that since the autism/vaccination myth has been debunked about a hundred times, she’s moving on to Plan B. Back to being famous for her burps and her farts as she’s going to be hosting a reality TV show this summer in addition to her Playboy spread.

If there was ever a chance of me being able to take her seriously as a self professed autism expert, well, it’s gone. Is anyone going to be able to take her seriously now? What are they going to ask her now when she appears at an autism awareness event?

Jenny- can you tell us what you think about the recent diagnostic changes in the upcoming DSM V and how do you make sure not to get razor rash down there before the big shoot?


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