I’m so Green I Eat My Own Placenta

People always ask me why I spend so much time ragging on celebrity moms. I can’t help it. They just provide SO much ridiculous material. If you have a weak stomach, you may want avoid reading this post. So, if you haven’t heard the story, January Jones has admitted quite proudly that she eats her … Read more

Who is Elisabeth Badinter?

Have you heard of Elisabeth Badinter yet? If you haven’t, you should be prepared because you will. She’s everywhere stirring up controversy with her bestselling book. It was just released in the United States. Her book is called The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women. The title pretty much says it all. … Read more

Kindergarten Tantrum Results in Handcuffs

Have you seen the headlines? All those saying that this 6 year old girl in kindergarten threw a tantrum and got arrested? Well, I did. At first when I saw the news, I was appalled and thinking, “WTF? Who puts a 6 year old in handcuffs for a temper tantrum?” But then I read further … Read more

Helicopter Parenting Just Isn’t My Style

I was raised in a teeny tiny town in Southern Minnesota. My parents lived on a dead end street. At the end of the street was a huge wide open field. Throughout my childhood whenever me or one of my sibling started getting too rowdy in the house my dad was famous for saying, “Go … Read more

What Are The Real Parenting Problems?

I got home tonight and found myself quickly getting sucked into the parenting debates. Co-sleeping versus crib sleeping. Crying it out versus not crying it out. Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. Working moms versus stay at home moms. Feminist parenting versus non-feminist parenting. The list goes on and on. We argue about so many different things. … Read more

What Is Colic?

We’ve got a new book recently released that wasn’t available during Gus’s early screaming his head off months. It’s written by Dr. Vartabedian and titled: Colic Solved. Back in the day, I would have had the book overnighted from Amazon. But my views on colic have changed. What the hell is colic anyway? There are … Read more

Please Stop. Please.

I was catching up on my blog reading tonight and I stumbled upon something horrific. I was reading Extreme Parenthood (which is not the horrific part, this is actually a great blog) and learned about one of the latest quack sciences being touted as a cure for autism. It was promoted at the AutismOne conference … Read more

Martha Stewart is Gonna Barf All Over My Week

Can I be honest about something? I’m just going to pretend that I heard an audible yes. I am really not looking forward to this week. As we all know, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. This means that the Internet and all media is going to explode with all things Mom. For the entire week, … Read more

What Do You Think Of The Rutgers Verdict?

Posted on 05/21/2012 by Mommy Psychologist I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about online bullying and teenagers who commit suicide as a result of bullying. Maybe it’s because it recently hit so close to home. Or that a significant amount of bullying is focused on individuals within the GLBT community. Or that I … Read more