More on Attachment Parenting

My first introduction to parents who practiced Attachment Parenting was when I was six months pregnant. Yancy’s best friend from elementary school, Erik, and his wife invited us to dinner immediately after hearing our pregnancy announcement. They had a two year old son and a nine month old daughter. “Erik said they really wanted to … Read more

Are Parenting Classes Helpful?

The UK is about to test pilot a series of parenting classes for the citizens of London and surrounding areas. The Prime Minister said, “It’s ludicrous that we should expect people to train for hours to drive a car or use a computer, but when it comes to looking after a baby we tell people … Read more

Princess on the Playground

Yesterday at the park I met a 3 year old girl named Princess. It wasn’t a nickname or short for something else. Nope. It was her full legal name. I asked her mom to make sure. Now, I realize I live right smack in the middle of Hollywood so we have kids named things like … Read more

What If You Were The Mother Of James Holmes?

I couldn’t help myself. I had to watch the footage of James Holmes’ appearance in court today. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. He’s got the look I’ve seen many times in inpatient psychiatric hospitals except that he’s not in the hospital. He’s in jail. Where he belongs, I might add. It is … Read more

What’s Wrong With Us?

As promised, I’m back to talk about what is wrong with our generation of parents. Namely, why we seem to have so little control over our children’s behavior. I know I’m not alone in this. I see it played out all around me. Kids used to be well behaved. I know I was. For those … Read more