Martha Stewart is Gonna Barf All Over My Week

Can I be honest about something? I’m just going to pretend that I heard an audible yes. I am really not looking forward to this week. As we all know, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. This means that the Internet and all media is going to explode with all things Mom. For the entire week, … Read more

Please Stop. Please.

I was catching up on my blog reading tonight and I stumbled upon something horrific. I was reading Extreme Parenthood (which is not the horrific part, this is actually a great blog) and learned about one of the latest quack sciences being touted as a cure for autism. It was promoted at the AutismOne conference … Read more

What Is Colic?

We’ve got a new book recently released that wasn’t available during Gus’s early screaming his head off months. It’s written by Dr. Vartabedian and titled: Colic Solved. Back in the day, I would have had the book overnighted from Amazon. But my views on colic have changed. What the hell is colic anyway? There are … Read more

Let’s Talk About Biracial Kids

During Gus’s first year, I cannot count the number of times someone said to me, “Your baby is so tan!” Or “You must spend a lot of time outside” And my favorite, “Wow! How’d your baby get so tan?” You’re probably thinking, “Where does she live that people would say this?” Well, you might be … Read more

Have You Seen Enough of Jamie Grumet Yet?

Ugh. Can I just say that I am so tired of the Time magazine cover drama? I know. I know. I was a willing participant. However, I had no idea what I was stepping into. If I did, I may not have stepped there. See, yesterday morning I got a Google alert that Time had … Read more

Have You Seen the Time Magazine Cover?

Have you seen this photo yet? If you haven’t, you will. It’s going to be EVERYWHERE for awhile. I mean how could it possibly not be? It’s on the front page of Time Magazine and the featured articles are all about attachment parenting. I didn’t see the cover first. I started reading through the articles … Read more

Online Bullying and Teenage Suicide

The small town I grew up in is in the news. Unfortunately, it’s in a horribly tragic way. It seems that another young, teenage life was taken as a result of bullying. A 13 year old girl took her own life last weekend after being bullied relentlessly at school and on Facebook. It breaks my … Read more

Should Your Toddler See Chimpanzee?

We took Gus to see Chimpanzee this weekend. How could we not? I mean the entire city has been plastered with this: How can you say no to these eyes staring you in the face at every red light? Hollywood sure has the market down on promoting the latest Disney movie. For the last month, … Read more

Stop Pointing Your Finger at Me

It’s no secret that Gus can throw pretty wicked temper tantrums. It’s no surprise we’ve had our fair share of power struggles surrounding them. But today we had a breakthrough! And it’s a pretty significant one! For those of you who don’t know me, I talk with my hands. A lot. When I get excited, … Read more